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HI, I’M Faisal Chughtai

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” - Bill Gates The IT world is an endlessly complex one that is continually changing, with each advance bringing with it countless new possibilities to benefit mankind and the societies that we live in. The world has undergone rapid changes for the better in recent years, and many of these have been a direct result of advances in information technology. I believe that my passion for computers and IT could be put to use not just for my own personal fulfillment, but also for the benefit of my students.

16 Years Education
20 Years Experience
2156 Students
82 Percent A*s and As

Why Me?

Mr. Faisal Chughtai has been teaching Information Technology at some of the leading institutes for the past 20 years (2 decades). He has a vast experience in not only teaching the subject but has also worked in the capacity of subject coordinator for ICT. He has served as the HOD (Head of Department) of IT in various schools. Currently Mr. Faisal Chughtai is also contracted by the British Council as exam supervisor to administer Cambridge International Examinations (CIEs) for O level ICT and A level IT.

"Mr. Faisal Chughtai has a proud history of producing outstanding results in O level ICT and A level IT, with more than 80% of his students scoring As and A*s."

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